About us

We provide international logistics in Europe

We have been present on the European market for many years via our long-established partners who gathered experience and learnt how to ensure their visibility everywhere at the same time.

They have accomplished it all acting together and passing a lesson to their future partners.

When we hit the road, we had already been given what others would have to learn the hard way and wait for it for years. We learnt from our partners and need not make mistakes to perform our services as best as we can or offer high-quality transport services and associated broadly defined logistic services.
Our fleet and workforce grow at a rate which may soon become comparable to those of transport market leaders.

Our fleet is not only about the quantity, i.e. over 100 trucks, but also the quality which mainly manifests itself as a new transport fleet by DAF and VOLVO; our drivers are not just numbers – in excess of 200 people – but also the experience acquired by people over the years, all over the world. They are about problem-solving skills tried and tested on the road and under unexpected circumstances as well as the many languages that our managerial staff can speakю

Our mission


Commitment to customer satisfaction and safety of the service performed


Cooperation with customers based on partnership and thoughtful dialogue


Attractive working conditions for all our employees


Commitment to the environment through the acquisition of new, better and greener vehicles to compensate the negative impact


Promotion of top quality and enhancement of the role of transport and logistic services in the world

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